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Thursday, February 15, 2007

COLLECTIVE NEWSLETTER: April review (Confidential)

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New member of staff: Cecile Lemarie

The Collective on tour: Hamburg

Interactive emailer

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New member of staff

I’m happy to welcome a new member of staff – Cecile Lemarie. Cecile is a French lady that will work part time promoting THE COLLECTIVE to French and Belgium companies and agencies.

German appointments

I’ll be visiting agencies in Hamburg on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th April with the collective portfolio. I’m playing a show there on Monday night so were killing two birds with one stone. If you’re in Hamburg come on down

ACTing up

Weve been working like dogs getting our Excel database of 20,000 advertising contacts into Act (Contact management software). Advice: if you’re ever working with a database then get it in one of these programs from the start, or prepare to spend months dragging, copying, editing…

Next emailer

Here is a preview of the next emailer to go out (you need Active X allowed on your computer to view it). It’s designed to promote the creatives with online experience, for who there is more and more demand. It will go out next week, so there is still time to be featured in it if you can send us three samples ofgood online/interactive work. Send to

New members

A record number of new freelancers in this issue as these are from the past two months. We’re delighted to welcome

CATHY HUTTON, British Copywriter

I come with curly hair and a slight Scottish accent. I can never sit still, so I’ve gained plenty of useless skills - screen-printing and silver-smithing being just two of them. This year I made some stickers (, which are now selling in some shops in London. I’m a cheery person to have around and I can make a right nice cup of tea too.


a freelancer I am specialised in the crossmedia and interactive industry with a focus on interactivity, media convergence and concepting excellence. Activities include concept development, creative execution, and project management. I have a thorough understanding of interactive and broadcast media, and human behaviour in crossmedia environments.


Joost is an obsessive, trustworthy, multi-award winning graphic designer / art director / idea-based craftsman.

Passionate. Positive. Fit. Effective presenter. Strong business mind. Award winner (72x, from world-wide golds, silver, bronzes, to many craftsmanship certificates. So far.) Work is published in international publications. (Communication Arts. Print. Archive. Creative Review.) Excellent crafts/skill transfer.

I live both in Johannesburg and in Cape Town - and I can travel easy (in the same time) for the larger European projects. Currently, I’m doing projects on several continents: in the Netherlands, South Africa, and in the USA. I’ve previously worked as CD at DDBAmsterdam, but I’m mostly known for my international graphic design, brand identity, print and TV campaign work.

JEFF SUTHONS, Bristish Copywriter

I’m an ideas-based art director with 20 years experience working in top London agencies. Dean and I work direct to client on 8 beer brands, including Lowenbrau, Franziskaner and Hobgoblin (this is for the same client who was marketing director of Carling Black Label during my days at WCRS 18 years ago). However, most of the time I freelance at agencies in London and Europe doing ATL, DM and digital. I also have a men’s underwear company, Brass Monkeys.

OLIVER DIETRICH, German Copywriter

ERCOLE EGIZI – Italian Copywriter

Over 10 years in Advertising industry as a Creative Head (copywriter background) for Hill Holliday - Boston, Grey Worldwide and McCann Erikson. Great experience on International accounts, with large background in strategy, brand development (Seagram Spirits, Procter & Gamble, Unilever) and terrific New Business skills.

Large experience in commercials production and in new digital areas. I develope the first Italian Interactive Movie for Interactive TV, 3G Phones and Web (Ebiscom TV, Fastweb)


In a period of about 25 years I have gathered a lot of experience in practically all fields of advertising: corporate advertising, recruitment, direct marketing, internal communication and the development of internet sites. So typical of me is that I am an allrounder.

KIKI HARTMANN, Swedish Designer

I’m someone who loves design and photography and am eternally grateful that I can make a living out my passion. I think I’m very good at connecting the two halves of the brain and am not satisfied until a design solution is both conceptually strong and well executed. Design for its own sake doesn’t interest me. I find inspiration in other people and believe the best work comes out of teamwork. I find it fascinating to live and work in an international environment, where things just seem to be more multifaceted and people more broad minded. I love traveling and being in motion, a good sense of humor, the smell of paper, simplicity and grandness. I hate pettiness, regimes, early mornings and things I can’t understand; like taxes.

BILL FAHBER, British Copywriter

In 1994, Bill Fahber began his first communications endeavour in the newspaper industry, having created and published his own city tabloid at the age of 22. Since then, he has lived in New York and Paris, working for some of the biggest brands on both sides of the Atlantic, including L'Oréal, Foot Locker and Apple Computer. Today, now based in France, Fahber offers copywriting and creative consulting to a wide scope of international clients and advertising agencies. His work has resulted in a number of major achievements, including six out of seven agency pitches won since January 2003.

CLAIRE PLASSCHAERT – Belgian Print Buyer/Print Producer

Si j’envisage aujourd’hui de réorienter ma carrière, je souhaite néanmoins garder une activité ne fût-ce que partielle dans ce métier : ma passion de l’ennoblissement du papier (ou tout autre support) demeure en effet intacte!

Website hits

Hits: 7401

Google ranking: 390

Collective monthly drinks

The last collective drinks didn’t happen because I forgot it was Queen’s Night. The next one will be on Friday 26th May at the Record Company office – Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 70-I Amsterdam, at which we have desk space to rent so if you’re interested to take a look, please email

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