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Monday, September 24, 2007

Newsletter supplement

Naked Poodle

On Thursday Jack is hosting The Naked Poodle – a brainstorming competition which is part of Picnic, Amsterdam's crossmedia week. They need three more teams for the competition, so if you'd like to enter please let me know ASAP. Spectators also welcome. This is a partner event so you don't have to be paid up for the Picnic Conference to attend.

For more about The Naked Poodle,

For more about Picnic,

Full-time in UAE

An agency in the United Arab Emirates is involved in some significant new business but are really short of good people. They are looking for young web designers, print designers and a young writer. If you know anyone please get in touch. Ideally people with hotel, hospitality, or food and beverage experience.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


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New cartoon

We had another advert in Adformatie featuring the antics of the Internationalists. Thanks to Janneke Huijnk and Fraser Bailey for their great work again.


We’ll soon be unveiling a new Collective logo in colour! The website is also undergoing a re-design. We’re going round agencies now to get feedback on how we can improve the service. Internally, the database is being reorganized and we may send out new profile sheets to some of you to gain more detailed information about your skills and specialties.


We’ll postpone end-of-month drinks this month, because Falk has his wedding on the last Friday of the month and Jack has a concert at on the Thursday. Here are the important dates for your agenda.

- 21st September: C+R poker tournament, Vondelstraat 35, 7.30pm (20 euro buy-in)

- 26th October: New office official opening party / unveiling of the new shop (invitation to follow)

- 19th December: Collective Christmas dinner (invitation to follow)

New members

Lots of new members this month as we haven’t announced people for a few months. Quite a few people have left to find full-time employment and we wish them all the best of luck. We’re still looking for more talent – particularly online designers – so if you know anyone please recommend them.

Lyle Shemer – American conceptual copywriter

Resident in New York City (USA), Lyle is an American citizen who has lived and studied in various parts of the USA. He is a native English speaker also able to communicate in Portuguese. An award-winning conceptual copywriter, Lyle's mission is to achieve great things for tough clients. His addition to The Collective's team provides an opportunity to tap into the New York vibe. See his profile

Martin Mol – Dutch conceptual copywriter
Resident in Amsterdam (NL), Martin is a Dutch citizen who also has extensive experience working and living in Slovenia. In addition to his native language of Dutch, Martin can communicate in English and German. In addition to an impressive collection of international awards, Martin brings with him valuable knowledge about the emerging eastern-European scene, plus a no-holds-barred attitude to creativity. see his profile

Rodd Chant – Australian Conceptual copywriter / art director / creative director
Resident in New York City (USA), Rodd is originally from
Sydney, Australia. He brings a wealth of international experience and numerous awards from his work as creative director in Sydney, Singapore and New York. Rodd describes himself as a creative thinker, a copywriter by trade in possession of an art director's eye. see his profile

Michiel Poodt - Dutch photographer
Resident in Amsteredam (NL), Michiel is a Dutch citizen, able to communicate in English and German as well as his native Dutch. With several awards and a good selection of well-known clients under his belt, Michiel is available to produce work for brochures, corporate presentations, advertisements, websites and photo animations. See Michiel's profile

Marnix Postma – Dutch photographer

Resident in Amsterdam (NL), Marnix is a Dutch citizen who can communicate in both Dutch and English. Specialising in producing portrates, fashion and lifestyle images, Marnix is a great choice for people photography. go to his profile.

Deborah Roffel – Dutch photographer

Resident in Amsterdam, Deborah can communicate in English and German as well as her native Dutch. Having graduated from university a year and a half ago, Deborah has already picked up many assignments as people are recognising her talent for capturing dynamic images of unorthodox concepts. Her experience as a sports photographer combines well with her curiosity to produce unexpected results by playing with shapes, silhouettes and the relationship between people. her profile

Karin Engelbrecht – British copywriter

Resident in Amsterdam (NL), Karin was born in South Africa and holds Dutch and South African nationality. Her native language is English and she is also able to communicate in Dutch, Afrikaans and German. Karin is available as a copywriter, corporate journalist, (sub)Editor, proofreader and translator (Dutch to English). see her profile

Jakob Holmsberg – Danish designer / art director

Resident in Copenhagen (Den), Jacob is an award winning graphic designer and art director specialising in creating image marketing, editorial design and illustration.

A native Danish speaker, Jakob is also able to communicate in English.

Jakob is available to design and direct design of brochures, corporate presentations, illustrations, web pages, logos, newsletters, POS materials, poster and print advertising.

Client area experience includes durable goods, fashion, financial, food & drink, IT/telecoms, leisure and non-profit. “My aim is to communicate and visualize ideas across various platforms for print and digital media.” see his profile

Michel Rijk – Dutch art director / designer

Resident in Amsterdam (NL), Michel is a Dutch citizen, raised in Eindhoven. In addition to his native language of Dutch he can also communicate in English and German.

Specialising in art direction and design. see his profile

Neville Raven – British designer

Resident in Amsterdam (NL), Neville is a British citizen who spent his early years living in Singapore before returning to his birth city of London. Neville’s design career started when he was just 15 years old, creating animations for television during the school holidays. He is a native English speaker with a limited knowledge of Dutch, French and German. see his profile

Miles Phillips – Canadian designer

Resident in Amsterdam (NL), Miles was born in Canada and holds Canadian and British citizenship. He is a native English speaker also able to communicate in French.

Specialising in web design, print media and logo development, Miles is available to design brochures, CD roms, corporate presentations, illustrations, web pages, logos, newsletters, poster and print advertising. see his profile


Friday, September 07, 2007

BBQ cancellation

I regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel Sunday’s BBQ. Due to a bad weather forecast, few predicted attendances and bad health among The Collective (countless colds), it wouldn’t be the fun-filled event it should be.

Next year we will run it earlier and pray for a better summer.

There will be an opening party for our new office at the end of October, so I hope to see you there. More details to follow.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Invitation to BBQ this Sunday 9th September



Dear Blog,  

Despite the fact that Summer has eluded us in Amsterdam this year, we remain defiant and have decided to host an end-of-summer bar-b-q.   As well as being a thank-you from us for offering your services through The Collective, this is an opportunity for you to mingle with other freelancers and perhaps a few clients.

This will take place on Sunday 9th September in the Westerpark, Amsterdam. You'll find us set up somewhere along the bank of the canal which runs parallel to Harlemmerweg – see map below.  


We'll be there from 15:30 cooking up burgers and laying out a picnic spread, so come along and join us as soon as you like.

We'll supply the food if you supply the company and your own drinks. You're welcome to also bring along a friend or two, however, we'd really appreciate it if you can just let us know if (and how many of you) are coming so that we can plan our supplies accordingly. Please RSVP to or telephone Jack Stafford on 06 248 77111  

FAQ: What happens is the weather doesn't cooperate?
If it's too rainy, snowy, windy or otherwise not pleasant for sitting around in the park then we simply won't bother.  

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

- Jack, Miriam, Casper