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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Looking Through Freelance Eyes - by Martin Mol

Ever wondered how agency life in The Netherlands compares to that in Slovenia? Conceptual Copywriter Martin Mol has a foot in both worlds and shares his thoughts.

This article by Martin Mol was published on in June 2008

"In Slovenia I see Onno walking every day"

I work and live in Slovenia and in Holland. It depends on which agency is asking at that moment. It also depends on the weather forecast. That's true… that's my freelance privilege.
The downside for me is that it is sometimes a little bit hard, changing every time country and culture. The differences between East and West are huge. The wall is already down a long time ago and yes… we are one Europe. Here are some anti-magnetic Ad differences between Holland (NL) and Slovenia (SI)

• In NL most of the agencies thank you for doing a freelance job and in SI they say:" Hey man, be glad to have a job".
• In NL TBWA is a top creative agency and in SI TBWA is below average.
• In NL the age of a Creative Director is above 30 years and in SI the CD's are from 21 years on.
• In SI every freelance job is a pitch and in NL an agency does not give a pitch too fast to a freelancer.
• In SI traffic does not exist and in NL it is one of the most important departments in the agency.
• In SI we have a lack of marketing knowledge and in NL marketing rules.
• In NL we have a typical Dutch advertising humor and in SI they are still searching for their own Ad identity.
• In NL Onno (Dutch Rock & Roll Ad legend) is dead but in SI I see Onno walking daily.
• In NL you open a beer at five o’clock and in SI you drink a bottle of Refosk with lunch.
• In SI the national creative festival (SOF) is owned by a guy in the tie and in NL it is in the hands of the creatives themselves (ADCN).
• The score in nominations in Cannes last week: NL mentioned more than one time and SI only once. NL jury members: 5, SI: Guess how many?
• In NL the creative teams have one table with two chairs and in SI copy and art are working separately.
• In NL there is an advertising football tournament, an advertising beach volleyball event and an advertising long distance run and in SI Ad people do not meet in their free time.
• In NL some German agencies opened their stores last years and in SI the Germans have not arrived… yet.
• In NL the Ad magazine is published every week (Adformatie) and in SI it is out once a month with half of the amount of pages (Marketing Magazine).
Will East and West ever meet? In one same Europe? My little boy has a NL and a SI nationality. Here is my tip of the day: let’s make love without borders. Kinky!

Proost & Nazdravje!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

July update

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Last month we launched our new website feature where one of our freelancers writes a short article about their views on the advertising world. Martin Mol got the ball rolling with his comparisons between a creative's working experiences in The Netherlands and in Slovenia. This month Arkadi Mazin looks at the evolution of attitudes in Russia compared to her neighbouring former Soviet states. Check it out on the home page

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Collective Team at "Reclame on the Beach"

(Left/Right) Jack Stafford, Casper van den Broek, Sandra van Gemert, Wilma Gijzen, Robert van de Ley, Erik Rolf