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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Photos from The Collective Xmas dinner

These are some snapshots of the marvelous Christmas Dinner in Mercurius last Wednesday, 7th December 2005.

this is it?? Of course not! You could see more pictures in these links:
John Richardson's
Richard Bulls'

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New members in November

We’re delighted to welcome the following freelancers:

JÖRG HEIDEN, German copywriter
Poetic, picture-friendly and dynamic writer for texts and campaigns, that get the point across faster, with charm and relevance. Motto: “Keep it simple and smart”

JASPER POL, Dutch Art Director
Specialized in retail, action, and staff recruitment.

TON DE VRIES, Dutch Designer
The ideal combination of advertising and design. Conceptual thinker for communication and business opportunities. Cross-media with no limits, but focused on success and originality. Inspiring, realistic and energetic team player.
Open minded, verbal strong, reprehensive.

KILIAN ASENSIO, Spanish Copywriter
Single, 34 years old. Working as a creative for 15 years. First 11 in main agencies and latest 4 as a free lance. I work for both agencies and direct clients. I’m developing professionally, as my business does, trying to offer new ideas also in terms of partnership. Even so I don’t discard to go back into multinationals if the project is really convincing. I also teach creativity and creative writing. My point is: if you want to show, you have to work. This is why I just teach in part time. I like to travel, especially on my motorcycle. Also sailing, cooking and dreaming.

PAUL FRASER, British Copywriter

PAUL BEST, British Art Director

JAKE RUSZNYAK, British Art Director
I am passionate about simple ideas, above, below or through-the-line. I like to boil concepts down to their simplest form. I suppose that’s because I trained as a graphic designer, I love posterised thoughts and to craft ideas and typography. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I do all my own work up on the mac myself, since I find I have more control, and the art direction can evolve quickly. I am relatively quiet, because I like to let the work speak for me.

MARTIJN DE VREEZE, Dutch copywriter
As a copywriter I am focused on the interaction between brand and target group. That not only requires an impact-full concept and catchy copy, but also the capability to build bridges. That’s what I try to accomplish in my work. How I work? People who know me call me an enthusiastic, open minded professional. A typical through the line copywriter, who, in every kind of job, strives for the perfect and most creative result. I have worked for very diverse clients including Digitenne, OLA and Mascotte nationally, as well as international names like Motorola, Remington and Nissan.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

EurobestLive Advertising Awards Ceremony

Find out at 14:00 (GMT) today at the EurobestLive Awards Ceremony at - the world's first interactive advertising awards ceremony.

View shortlist now