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Monday, September 24, 2007

Newsletter supplement

Naked Poodle

On Thursday Jack is hosting The Naked Poodle – a brainstorming competition which is part of Picnic, Amsterdam's crossmedia week. They need three more teams for the competition, so if you'd like to enter please let me know ASAP. Spectators also welcome. This is a partner event so you don't have to be paid up for the Picnic Conference to attend.

For more about The Naked Poodle,

For more about Picnic,

Full-time in UAE

An agency in the United Arab Emirates is involved in some significant new business but are really short of good people. They are looking for young web designers, print designers and a young writer. If you know anyone please get in touch. Ideally people with hotel, hospitality, or food and beverage experience.

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