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Monday, September 03, 2007

Invitation to BBQ this Sunday 9th September



Dear Blog,  

Despite the fact that Summer has eluded us in Amsterdam this year, we remain defiant and have decided to host an end-of-summer bar-b-q.   As well as being a thank-you from us for offering your services through The Collective, this is an opportunity for you to mingle with other freelancers and perhaps a few clients.

This will take place on Sunday 9th September in the Westerpark, Amsterdam. You'll find us set up somewhere along the bank of the canal which runs parallel to Harlemmerweg – see map below.  


We'll be there from 15:30 cooking up burgers and laying out a picnic spread, so come along and join us as soon as you like.

We'll supply the food if you supply the company and your own drinks. You're welcome to also bring along a friend or two, however, we'd really appreciate it if you can just let us know if (and how many of you) are coming so that we can plan our supplies accordingly. Please RSVP to or telephone Jack Stafford on 06 248 77111  

FAQ: What happens is the weather doesn't cooperate?
If it's too rainy, snowy, windy or otherwise not pleasant for sitting around in the park then we simply won't bother.  

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

- Jack, Miriam, Casper

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