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Thursday, February 15, 2007


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New member of staff: Gerardo Perfors

The Collective on tour: Berlin

Insert in creative magazine

Now over 200 members

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August is our busiest time of year. With everyone on holiday, the demand for freelancers goes through the roof, so there was no collective newsletter last month. Here are all the goings on for July and August.

New members of staff
Gerardo Perfors, a European studies student from Mexico, is working here two days a week contacting agencies.

Berlin visit
I went round advertising agencies in Berlin with the portfolio last week and got a good response.

We had an insert in the latest issue of the Dutch creatie magazine. The response was good. An ad will go in Adformatie soon.

New members
With these new additions we now have over 200 members. Many of the disciplines are still empty though, so if you know more good people – please recommend them.


Conceptual copywriter
I’m a 33 year old woman with a lot of interests. I communicate enthusiastically and I enjoy working in a team. I love to dance, listen to music,
write, move by bicycle and eat sunflower seeds. I have a special experience on food and drink advertising, in where I’ve always tried to make equal communication between men and women. And it is not easy in a field where even nowadays the woman place is in the kitchen! I choose for being freelancer because I wanted to try another discipline and client types. Besides being a freelancer I’ve written a teenage novel and now I’m working on publishing it. I’m easy going, hard working and happy.


Conceptual copywriter
I’m focused on web concept/content /copywriting as a freelancer since 1997, on top of 10+ years corporate communication experience in a wide range of business areas. I worked on branding, positioning, localisation projects, start-ups, naming... feeling comfortable with editorial processes and event building. I’m a direct, flexible and independent consultant - always ready to teamwork. BTW, my passion for words overflows onto calligrams and dislograms.


Art Director
Im a 29 years old art director with more than 7 years of experience in TV print and outdoor advertising, I worked for the biggest ad agencies around the world. I'm creative, young, hard-working, and I also work well with others. I have experience working with other art directors, creative directors, copywriters, pre-press personnel, as well as some outside vendors, clients, directors, photographers, and am proficient in all the latest versions of design software (Photoshop,Illustrator,InDesign,Xpress, Flash,AfterEffect).I'm also 100% trilingual (English, French and Spanish) and have also German notions.


I am a native New Yorker currently living in
Amsterdam. My writing is focused and to the point. It can inform, persuade or sell. I can make complex products understandable to a non-technical audience. Like to write ads, brochures and folders. Love to write websites, speeches and scripts.


I am a photographer since 7 years and I worked for several magazines in Holland for example Avantgarde, Squeeze, Elle-girl and Blvd. Besides Holland I’ve also worked Internationally for The Dutch, Pashion magazine, I also did street castings for Octopix (Paris), and worked with Mario Testino for the Britisch Voque. I won 2 times the coiffure award in 2005 and came 2nd in 2006.


As an art director and designer I have worked for local and international clients, design studios and advertising agencies in Mexico City, Canada, The Czech Republic and The Netherlands. Creativity, passion, belief and quality are my keywords to develop clear communicative concepts. Combining the strength of my international experience with different cultures motivates and challenges me to create the best work for the clients and their brands.



Supple, nice readable writings style (short & long). Of colourfully till grey, dependent on the desired result. In state of setting short time complex matters into real language. Experience in texts with regards to automotive but also very interested in human interest, fashion, styling and architecture. And according to me a committed/driven writer can make something very nice of each subject in the world.


In 2002 I started a business as portrait photographer. Soon it became a success and clients from all over the country found their way to the studio in
Rotterdam. After four years specializing in portraiture, I am now expanding my business into the field of fashion. Several clients already commissioned me for editorial photoshoots and advertisements. For me, photographing people is the most fascinating job I can think of. During a shoot I make people happy. Enthusiasm and the way I treat the models, is my USP. I always get the best out of the model.


started working 10 years ago in
Rio de Janeiro. After 2 years working there I was looking for an improvement and I decided to move to Sao Paulo, the biggest market in Brazil. After a few months I got a big chance to work at W/Brasil and one year after I was invited to work at DM9DDB, one of the best agencies in Brazil. I can tell that there I got the best opportunities in my career. I worked with big clients and big professionals and I can say that in that time I became a really art director.

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