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Thursday, February 15, 2007


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4 year anniversary

Going, going Vuong

Leaving party BBQ / photoshoot

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4-year anniversary party

The Collective is four years old. We went go-karting in Amsterdam to celebrate last month. Congratulations to Carlfried the Dutch photographer on winning. I’m not bitter at all. Unfortunately Carlfried’s profile can no longer appear on the collective website due to space issues.

Vuong party

The Collective took a turn hosting the Blah Blah Blah creative get-together in Amsterdam, run in co-operation with agencies such as Strawberry Frog and Kesselskramer. A good night was had by all. Our thanks to Craig Lovelidge for DJing and making it all possible, and to for Erik Rolf for suggesting it. Must remember to take photos of these events for the newsletter. If anyone did please send them to me and I’ll add them in the next newsletter.

Leaving BBQ

Emilia and Roderick are leaving The Collective at the end of August. It’s an emotional time for everyone as they’ve both made a massive contribution to The Collective’s success. To show our appreciation we’re hosting a special BBQ in their honor on Thursday 20th July at Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 70-I, Amsterdam.


We’ll be placing some adverts in Adformatie and other international advertising magazines in September made up of head&shoulder shots of collective members. Your name, location and discipline will be next to your photo. There will be about 6 people in each advert. We need to shoot them on the same day and in the same style of course, so if you’d like to be in the adverts please come to the above mentioned BBQ where the photos will be taken.

Desk space for rent

At the aforementioned BBQ location – the record company office – we still have two desk spaces to rent so if you’re interested to take a look, please email or come along to view them at the BBQ.

Software police

The BSA (Business Software Association) came by the office checking licences – just to be warned that they really do exist.

New members

Only one new member this month – but quality not quantity as they say.

AXEL ROY, French Art Director

I started my career in advertising agencies such as Lintas and DevarrieuxVillaret before joining marketing services societies.

I had the opportunity during theses 15 years to explore all the techniques and medias. Today, I do believe in alter communication. Buzz, street or rebel marketing offer me the largest creative playground and in the mean time much more efficiency to my clients.

Therefore, I call myself a specialist of “global communication campaigns”. At least, this is what I do best.

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