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Thursday, February 15, 2007


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Christmas dinner

Poker party

Album launch party photos

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Christmas dinner
It’s that time of year again. The Collective Christmas Dinner. A fun-filled evening of fun and laughter – and that’s just my speech. This year’s location is upstairs at: Eetcafe van Buuren, Sarphatipark 4,
Amsterdam, 020 675 9945. It’s near The Collective office – the other end of the Sarphatipark. Drinks from 6.30pm. Dinner 7.30pm. 14 euros for a main course approx. (an optional 3-courses for 21.50). Excl. drinks. Payment on the day. (The location has changed from the Waag because it was too expensive.) Hope to see you all there. Please RSVP to in advance. Guests welcome.

If you’re invoicing from NL, please remember to apply for new VARs and send them to us. No payment of invoices w
ithout up-to-date VARs. It’s the law!

Business cards
If you want free business cards just get in touch with me.

Don’t fall asleep around Peter Strange here’s his new commercial for the Bulldog in

Also on You Tube, John Richardson had his cricket knowledge tested on Dutch television

New callers needed
We need some new part-time members of staff. If you have know friends who are looking for work contacting advertising. Languages and ad knowledge advantageous. It’s basically going through Campaign (UK) and Pub (BE) and contacting interesting agencies. 1 day a week. Based in Amsterdam.

3D web developers
We need 3D web developers to create online worlds. Any experience or desire to be, please get in touch.

New members
Happy to welcome the following new freelancers this month.



I am a passion driven professional, I love my job and I’m sure I could do nothing else better. I’m experienced in both ATL and BTL, flexible in style and manner and I never walk on the same path twice. I like to do things differently each and every time, but following a coherent line, so that none of the brands I’m in charge with alter its’ identity strength.
I always try to find the perfect match between the idea and its’ materialization. That’s why I’ve chosen an art partner who helps me make an idea-shape-material whole.


I am a talented creative, flexible in style, manner and field, highly sensitive to detail and with a perfectionist attitude.
My experience includes work in print media (ad prints, brochures, posters, stamps, book covers, outdoors etc.), interactive media (web sites, cd-rom's), animation (2D& 3D), motion graphics (intro movies, video editings), illustrations and corporate identities. Due to my working for many clients (BBDO Bucharest, Sony, Philip Morris, Leo Burnett Bucharest, USAID, General Electric, National Democratic Institute, The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others) and my contacts with different environments,
I have become a versatile professional, experienced in art direction, freelance and corporate work


Having learnt the tricks of the trade at a global publishing house, I have been putting my love of language to good use as a copywriter and journalist since 1995. And I must admit English is a very handy tool for the job. In the meantime, my client list includes international corporations and advertising agencies located throughout Germany. Companies clever enough to hire someone to write their copy for the target audience from the very start. And not simply have their own ideas translated...


Kerstin is a 12 year experienced German Art Director who won great awards throughout the years and worked with great clients such as the well known Media Markt, Lexus, Jaguar, Kraft and Swatch.

Website hits
6320 this month and No. 6 when you search The Collective. Oh to be popular.

JSF LLL album launch
Party was great.
Thanks all who came for coming.

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